You can now embed Addie on your site

Addie now allows users to embed any public item or collection of public items. Just grab the embed code and paste it into the html of your site or blog. You can choose the exact size you’d like to appear by changing the numbers in the embed code:

<script src=””></script>

Here is an example of an embedded collection:

Got an Addie Story?

Addie is an incredibly flexible tool and we’d love to hear how you are using it. Has Addie made your life easier? Do you wish Addie had other features? We’re trying to get as much feedback as possible, so please let us know what you think at:

What do you collect?

You may have noticed we made some updates yesterday. Here are the details:

Public Collections

With Addie you can make any of your items public and you can now group these items into collections. Use collections for creating public photo albums, albums of your music, a list of related links, a series of notes on a subject, or anything in between.

If you want to put a collection of your stuff on the web, Addie is faster and easier than creating a blog.

See a random collection now

New Home Screen

You’ll notice a new home screen design that includes more statistics and you’ll also see new items that have been shared with you, as well as a feed of new additions to our public collection.

Like Button

Want to let your contacts know what you think of their stuff? Each item now has a like button. See how many likes you can get for your items.


While Addie is simple and intuitive, there’s more under the hood than some people realize, so we wanted to provide more information about how Addie works. Check out our new FAQ to learn about features you might not know about such as drag-and-drop and importing contacts.


The Private Side of Addie: File Sharing

The next time you tell someone you’ll send them a file — don’t turn to email. Share over Addie and keep clean records of everything you’ve shared with whom. Share files (up to 250MB each) in complete privacy.

With Addie, if you want to make something completely public for the community you can, but if you want to share with only a select few — say close friends, your coworkers, a client, or your family — you can add them as contacts. 

How Private Sharing Works

You can add items to Addie — any file, link, or note. Everything you store in Addie is private to you. If and how you share is up to you. You only need a name or an email address to add a contact. If you want to import your contacts, we can help with that. 

Once you have contacts, you can easily share or unshare any item or folder.

Your Contacts Do Not Need to Join Addie

Whenever you share with someone, we’ll let them know via our email summary which will contain a link to whatever you shared. For anyone that hasn’t already joined Addie, we send a unique link so they can see what you’ve shared without joining, but no one else will be able to access what you shared.

Shared Folders

You can add an item to as many folders as you like and you can share any folder. If you share a folder with a contact, they will have access to all the items in that folder and be able to add items of their own.


Got stuff you want to share with multiple people? Just create a group and drag items or folders to the group in the sidebar. When you share with a group, we quickly share the items with each of the members of the group. Groups are just for you for quick sharing and no one will be able to see which, if any, groups you put them in.

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Adding to Addie just got easier

Addie now makes it even easier to add a file, write a note, or bookmark a page for later.

Just click the “Add Item” button on any page and choose which type of item you’d like to add:


Whether you need somewhere to keep your thoughts or a way to write messages for others, Addie lets you quickly capture a single thought or write longer in-depth posts with formatting, links, and images.


Copy and paste any link into Addie and we’ll fetch some information about the page (or you can write your own) and let you choose from available thumbnails.


Store and share any file, up to 250MB. Easily upload one file or click to use or multi-file uploader to add up to 25 files at a time.

With Addie, all your files, notes, and links are in one place and totally searchable.

Organize and Share

We’ve also streamlined the entire process for sharing and organizing. Now, as soon as you add an item, you have the option to share it or place it into a folder.

Thank you for using Addie. Please let us know any questions or feedback at:


Public Sharing on Addie

We’ve launched a new homepage and you can be a part of it. 

With our release last week, we started letting users make items public. This exciting new feature gives you a public forum to share any file, link, or note with the world — simply post any public item to Facebook or share the public link.

We’re very excited some of you have started sharing publicly. Our homepage now features top public items you’ve shared and you can see the latest additions to our growing collection of public items here. The more great public content we all share, the more useful and fun Addie becomes.

What should I share?

Share a recipe, a great photo, a useful PDF, a link to a inspirational or funny YouTube video, a recording of your band, your self-published novel, a list of places you want to visit — anything you think is worth sharing with the world.

Whoa. I thought Addie was private.

It is. Any file, link, or note you add to Addie is completely private to you. You can choose to share directly with any of your contacts — they will have access to the item, but no one else will be able to see it. However, if you have an item you want to make public, you can. It’s up to you and you can make the item private again at any time.

We hope you’ll take full advantage of public items and join our community. If you have any questions, or feedback, as always, please reach out to us at

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The New Addie Is Here.

We’ve made some major improvements. When we launched our file sharing prototype for family and friends less than 5 months ago, we had a much larger vision in mind. Today, we took a huge step towards that vision.

Today’s release marks the most significant update we’ve ever made and solidifies Addie as a fully-realized tool for sharing files, links, and notes.

So, what’s new?

Facebook Integration
You can now sign up and login with your Facebook account. You can also easily post any item (such as a file) directly to Facebook. Get started.

New Design
We wanted Addie to be more intuitive and even easier to use. Our new sleek, minimal design keeps the focus on your stuff. Check it out.

Share Directly or Go Public
You can now share privately or share with the whole world by making any of your stuff public. Proudly share any file, link, or note with the Addie community. See a random item now.

We hope you enjoy sharing with the new Addie.

We’ll be letting you know about other improvements in the coming days and weeks. Please tell us what you think at


-the Addie Team

Addie Down for Maintenance

We’re making some exciting updates to today and we’ll be down for a few minutes on Thursday, October 27, 2011. We apologize for any inconvenience. We should be back shortly.

If you need assistance, please email us at

We’ve just launched an update to including a new homepage design and this new video. Check it out.

The New Addie is up and here’s a video overview.