And we’re back.

The new site is up and running.  Take a look around at  We will be posting in the near future with descriptions of all the updates.  Thanks for your patience. 

Upgrade has begun is under maintenance.  We should be back shortly.

Today is the day … get excited and bear with us.

Addie is getting a major facelift today.  A new design, a cleaner look, and an even more intuitive experience.  Very shortly we will be taking the site down in order to apply all the changes.  Please be patient as we get the site back up as quickly as possible.  Check back here for updates regarding the upgrade.  We think you’ll like what’s coming.

So quiet. So busy.

We know we haven’t posted anything new about Addie lately and that’s because we’ve been so busy taking in all the feedback from our beta launch and reworking, simplifying, redesigning, breaking down and rebuilding everything.

We’re just about done and we’re currently testing every single aspect of the new Addie. We’re about to hit everyone with a new sleeker look and improved, streamlined features.

We know you’re gonna like the result. We can’t wait to show it to you… soon, we promise.

This 1 minute video shows you how to upload files with Addie. Easily upload files up to 50MB each. You get 2GB of free storage when you join.

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The Story of Addie

Addie was conceived, designed, and developed in 6 weeks by three people working remotely.

Addie started as a side project, a sort of emotional meal ticket. Adam McGowan and I had recently launched a large site called Firefield that we’d been laboring on for months. Firefield had reached a point where we were waiting for feedback and we had a moment to breath. We also had a whole lot of lessons, techniques, and ideas that we’d developed along with Firefield that we were dying to put to use.

We decided to give ourselves one month to build a simple web application. One month for the whole thing.

We had Photoshop, Github, a bunch of ideas, and the guidance our chief hacker in Spain: Claudio Perez Gamayo.

We, like many of our friends, had found social networking sites had become too big, too crowded, and we weren’t alone.

People were looking for a way to be social and take advantage of social features like easy sharing and commenting, but they wanted to do it in private groups.

We knew there were tons of photo sharing sites and file storage services, but they were all missing a simple interface that anyone could use. Some required downloads, some made your forfeit your content rights, some cost too much, some restricted files types, and few offered simple social features. We couldn’t find anything that was just right. And that is how we arrived at Addie.

Addie would be the simplest ways to collect, organize, and share photos, files, and notes. Addie would let you upload and store anything privately and you could choose what you shared easily.

We went to work with a focus on privacy, speed, simplicity, and scalability. We knew some people would upload a handful of files and others would upload thousands. Since we now all have photos and files, Addie had to be accessible to everyone and as simple as possible.

With only one month (okay, it actually took us 6 weeks) allotted to design and build the app, we thought long and hard about each feature. Less was more. Less forms to fill out, less buttons to click, less words on the screen. We wanted an immersive experience where you could easily find and share your stuff, see other people’s stuff, comment, and be on your way.

So, on Monday, June 13, 2011, Addie was released into the world. We have a lot more to say about Addie and the ideas behind it, but we’ll save those for future blog posts.

Addie can be found at:

Jeremy Sewell, Co-founder of

Want a quick overview of Addie? Check out this video.

We’re pleased to present Addie. You can join now at

We’re pleased to present Addie. You can join now at